Language training service

La Compagnie des Formateurs is a language training centre registered under number 22 60 023 18 60 with the prefect of the Picardie region in France.


La Compagnie des Formateurs offers tailor-made language courses to Picardie-based businesses as well as national and international companies.


Depending on the case in hand, the courses can be taught by telephone, Skype, on the customer company's premises, at the learner's home or on La Compagnie des Formateurs' premises.


The training centre is located in France, at Estrées-Saint Denis, 5 minutes from motorway A1 exit 10, 15 minutes from Compiègne and 40 minutes from Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport.


The languages taught are English, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, French as a foreign language and all other languages, for La Compagnie des Formateurs offers a unique degree of flexibility and adaptability. 


La Compagnie des Formateurs' objective:


To bring its customers the benefit of its linguistic, terminological and educational expertise in order to define tailor-made training programmes adapted to suit their specific needs. Thanks to this approach, learners develop their language skills, communicate more accurately with their foreign contacts, and thus increase their company's overall performance.


The means deployed to achieve this goal are implemented as follows:


Identification of needs

La Compagnie des Formateurs meets the company's training manager to define and formalise its employees' training needs. This interview is a chance to identify the learners' profiles and the company's training objectives.

A telephone appointment will be organised with each learner following this interview, this will provide a chance to get to know the learner and assess their level of linguistic ability.


Learner assessment

This telephone assessment is the first contact with the learner. The aim of this interview is to assess the learner's level of ability, confirm the training objective and understand their expectations. At the end of the process, an individualised training programme is drawn up.


Training programme

The training programme is a reflection of the work carried out upstream. The teaching method will favour practical application through role play as early as possible, listening, oral expression and written expression. 


What options are available?


Private, face-to-face lessons

These are recommended for learners with specific needs or whose timetable requires bespoke training.

Advantages: better concentration, constant practical application and continuous involvement.


Semi-individual lessons (up to 3 learners)

These bring together people with the same level of ability who share the same objectives.

Advantages: conversation situations conductive to role play and reciprocal stimulation.


Intra-company group lessons (over 3 learners)

The groups are formed of learners from the same company, with similar levels of ability and objectives.

Advantages: basing the programme on the learners' professional activity.


Intensive inter-company group lessons (over 3 learners)

The groups are formed of learners from different companies, with similar levels of ability and objectives.

Advantages: focussed learning, promoting conversation and role play between participants.


Telephone or Skype lessons

This option is aimed at learners at A2 level and higher. It is adapted to oral work, in particular fluency of expression as well as understanding. It is also offered to learners with high geographical mobility or based far from the training centre.

Advantages: concentration and involvement.


Preparatory lessons

These are aimed at learners wishing to sit the TOEIC, the BULATS or other tests.

Advantage: training focussed on passing the test.