Translation takes place in three stages:


Before the translation:

Analysis of the document, issuing of a quote (based on the number of words to be translated).

Approval of the quote by the customer.

Selection of the translator and proofreader in charge of the project.


The translation:

The selected translator performs the task of translation, does the research necessary to successfully fulfil their mission and proofreads their work.


After the translation:

The translation is not yet "deliverable" at this point. It must be revised by a proofreader with the same profile as the selected translator in terms of their speciality and language pair.

This proofreading task will enable them to correct any possible inaccuracies, typing errors, spelling mistakes, etc.


This revised translation will be checked one last time before delivery.

What is translation?

Translation consists of transposing a text into another language in writing.

Translation areas

La Compagnie des Traducteurs translates documents in a variety of areas:


Commercial: Websites, correspondence, reports, calls for tenders, lists of specifications, quotes and contracts


Finance: Reports, magazines, merger and acquisition documents


Computing: User manuals


Legal: Contracts, statutes, summonses and rulings


Marketing: Mailshots, documentation, brochures, leaflets, catalogues, advertisements, satisfaction surveys and market research studies


Quality: Manuals, standards, safety data sheets and procedures


Human resources: CVs, covering letters and job descriptions


Technical: Invention patents, technical data sheets and files, test reports, maintenance contracts, standards, plans and user or installation instructions 


Tourism: Brochures, websites and rental agreements


La Compagnie des Traducteurs also translates official documents such as birth certificates, marriages certificates, inheritance documents, criminal records, diplomas, driving licences and passports.


These translations are certified translations, commonly known as sworn translations.